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Friday Bird Droppings: Brach recovering after stealth surgery

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So, the World Series is totally going to end up being Cleveland and Chicago, right? One way or another, some sad sack city that hasn't won a title in years is going to prevail. Good for them. Who do you think feels worse about letting Terry Francona go? Philadelphia or Boston?

Brach undergoes minor procedure on left knee - School of Roch
No worries. Nope.

Heyman - MLB Replay System Needs To Be Redefined
Don't expect Jon Heyman to carry Rob Manfred's water....

Camden Depot: Cup of jO's: Is Hyun Soo Kim Really A Platoon Hitter? #FreeKim

Next season is crucial for Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy | CSN Mid-Atlantic
"J.J. Hardy has been a dependable shortstop for the Orioles for the past six seasons. Can he keep going longer than just next season?" Presuming the O's can find adequate cover at the hot corner, the J.J.- Manny powershare wasn't a terrible arrangement.

Not really a momentous day in Orioles history and the only O's birthday I can come up with is Valmy Thomas, who played a whopping eight games for the O's in 1964.