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Friday Bird Droppings

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Adrian Marin doubled for the Peoria Javelinas yesterday
Adrian Marin doubled for the Peoria Javelinas yesterday
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A day without Orioles baseball is, indeed, insufferable. How do we do it?

Leftovers for breakfast - School of Roch
Leftovers, indeed.

Twins' Tanner English provides pop in AFL win |
Rough day for the kids in Arizona. Jimmy Yacabonis has been quite good, but it wasn't his day.

Camden Depot: Blueprint For The 2017 Orioles (Option 4): Aiming for the Wild Card Old friend Ryan Pollack offers his offseason proposal. Grim.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Feature: Dominican Winter League Q&A Ah, winterball. Often discussed, little understood. Maybe Baseball Prospectus can help...

If today is your birthday, you share it with the Highlander, Nate McLouth. Bob Melvin was a decent catcher for the O's, but has made his mark as a two time Manager of the Year, including 2012 where he beat out Buck Showalter for the honor. He also has a birthday today as does longtime reliever and Rick Dempsey partner in crime Sammy Stewart. Juan Guzman was a decent pitcher, just not for the O's. The front office, however, was able to turn him into B.J. Ryan. Quite a trick.He turns 50 today and Scouting Director Gary Rajsich turns 62.