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Camdencast: The Orioles are in the playoffs again

There’s nothing to wake up a slumbering podcast like the Orioles being in the postseason. Yes, Mark and Stacey are back.

Manny Machado and Chris Davis hug one another after the Orioles clinch a postseason berth.
Hugs for everyone. We’re back!
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

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The Orioles are in the playoffs and that means it’s time for Camdencast to wake up, because honestly, the Orioles being in the playoffs is the ultimate time where all the Orioles podcasts in the world are needed. Also, I promised Stacey we would do a podcast if the Orioles made the playoffs, so here we are.

If you are a longtime Camden Chat reader, you may be surprised, because there’s a surprising lack of signature Mark Brown pessimism from our Sunday night recording. We’re just happy that the Orioles are good enough to be here, because this is a better O’s season than most of the ones of our lives to date.

It’s a good time to be an Orioles fan, whatever happens on Tuesday. Though of course we hope they find a way to win the World Series - or, as we focus on in this episode, the wild card game.

The Blue Jays are lined up as their opponent on Tuesday. But we’re also very interested in the long journey of the season and how they got here, despite all of the underachieving parts of the team. The fact is that the Orioles are better than a lot of teams and that’s why they’re here.

Well, they’re here because of having Mark Trumbo and everyone else hit a bunch of homers, because Manny Machado deserves another Gold Glove, because of Evil Goatee Kevin Gausman, the elite season of Zach Britton, the stellar All-Star first half of Brad Brach, the unexpected find of Donnie Hart, and more.

We run down all of this stuff and more about the one game to rule them all that’s to come very soon in the latest Camdencast, which runs for a bit more than an hour and ten minutes.

We (I) will be working on getting Camdencast on all of the assorted places you’d expect to find a modern-day podcast shortly, maybe not in time for this episode, so, in the meantime, sorry!

If the Orioles advance in the playoffs, you’ll hear from us again soon. Until then, go Orioles!