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Camden Chat pre-season contest results

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The results are in and we have a winner!

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Way back on March 21st I invited you all to participate in the annual pre-season contest. 250 of you answered the call, the most entries we’ve ever had. Well done!

When it was all said and done, the winner of the contest answered 18 out of 25 questions correctly, which is pretty impressive. Our winner lists himself as Matt Shade. I couldn’t find Mr. Shade in our member log, but hopefully he’s reading this right now, hot lurker that he is! Congratulations Matt!

Coming in second place with 17 questions answered correctly is long time Camden Chatter WestCoastO’sFan. Well done, Westie! After that we had a six-way tie for third place. They are betterthanburke, top1214, Philly O’s, honeybear, PTCello, and Joe Wedra!

You can find the full results at this link. How did you do?

Here are the answers to the 25 questions that were asked in the contest:

Which Will Be Higher?

  1. Games played by Hyun Soo Kim or OPS+ by Ryan Flaherty? Kim - 95, Flaherty - 62
  2. Triples by Matt Wieters or Orioles Complete Games? Tie 1-1
  3. Chris Davis SLG% or Orioles Winning %? Orioles - .549, Davis - .459
  4. Team total stolen bases or Davis HR? Davis - 34, SB - 19
  5. Stolen bases by Manny Machado or walks by Jonathan Schoop? Schoop - 21, Manny - 0
  6. Combined LF OPS*1000 or team runs allowed? OPS - 724, Runs Allowed - 715
  7. Ryan Flaherty plate appearances or Adam Jones OBP*1000? Jones - 310, Flaherty - 176
  8. Innings pitched by Yovani Gallardo or Wei-Yin Chen? Chen - 123.1, Gallardo - 118
  9. Home runs by Mark Trumbo or Pedro Alvarez? Trumbo - 47, Alvarez - 22
  10. Questions right in this contest, Mark or Stacey? Stacey 11, Mark 10

Fun facts on this section:

  • Only 63 people correctly guessed that the Orioles would have a higher winning percentage than Chris Davis’s slugging %. The other 187 were probably imagining that Davis would have a SLG more like his 2015 mark of .562.
  • The question with the most correct answers was question 7. A whopping 200 people believed that Adam Jones would have a higher OBP than Flaherty would have PA. It probably would have been a bad thing for the team if Flaherty had been needed to put up >300 PA.
  • Regarding question #2, twice at the game against the Diamondbacks on September 24th I thought the tie had been broken. First in the second inning, when it looked like Wieters might have hit a triple. Alas, it was scored a double and an error. Then when Wade Miley came out to start the ninth, I thought complete games might take the lead. But he was pulled after two outs. So, a tie it is.
  • Mark and I are really bad at this contest.


  1. Total Orioles HR: 240.5. OVER - 253
  2. Orioles wins: 81.5. OVER - 89
  3. Orioles with 20+ home runs: 5.5. OVER - 6
  4. Starting pitchers with ERA under 4 (min 10 starts): 0.5. OVER - 2
  5. Chris Davis strikeouts: 179.5. OVER - 219

Fun facts:

  • When I was writing this contest it was just after I had read this article by Jeff Sullivan on FanGraphs, in which he talked about the Orioles being projected to hit 240 home runs this season. Because of that I initially set the o/u at 245.5. Both my husband Paul and blog boss Mark thought that sounded a little high, so I dropped it to 240. I guess the Orioles showed them!
  • The second-most popularly guessed answer in this entire contest was the o/u on Davis’s strikeouts. I guess 179 was pretty conservative. More on the most popular guess later, which turned out to be wrong.

Who will be the first...

  1. Oriole to pitch a complete game? Ubaldo Jimenez
  2. Minor leaguer called up? Ryan Flaherty
  3. Team the Orioles sweep? Minnesota Twins
  4. Team that sweeps the Orioles? Houston Astros

Fun facts:

  • Jimenez was the third most popular answer for #1, after Kevin Gausman (71) and Chris Tillman (52). That seems fair.
  • The first minor leaguer question is the only one that no one correctly answered. I guess nobody imagined that Flaherty would ever be in the minors in the first place.
  • The biggest guess for first team the Orioles will sweep is always the first team they play in a season. This year it was the Twins, and it worked out.

Which Oriole will...

  1. Have the most innings pitched? Kevin Gausman - 179.2
  2. Have the highest OBP (min 350 PA)? Manny Machado - .343
  3. Lead the team in ERA as a starter? Kevin Gausman - 3.61
  4. Lead the Orioles in home runs? Mark Trumbo - 47
  5. Have the most appearances out of the bullpen? Brad Brach - 71

Fun facts:

  • I was guessing the most popular pick for #1 would have been Tillman, but Gausman led the way with 152 people picking him.
  • When I set the minimum PA at 350 for #2, it was to weed out players who didn’t play very much. Sadly when I looked up the answers I saw that Hyun Soo Kim’s OBP was .382, but he only have 346 PA.
  • Only two people picked Trumbo to have the most dingers. The most popular answer in this entire contest was Chris Davis for most home runs. 232 people (92.8% of all participants), picked him. He did come in second place, nine behind Trumbo.

So that’s the contest, friends! I hope you all had fun with it, and we’ll see you next season.