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Orioles set roster for Wild Card game

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Somehow, both Nolan Reimold and Drew Stubbs are on this roster, though that probably won’t end up mattering.

Adam Jones and other Orioles celebrate clinching a postseason berth.
Let’s hope we see a sight like this again tonight.
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild Card game is a different animal from the regular season because teams can set a 25-man roster for just this one game. The Orioles roster, announced on Tuesday morning, makes use of the fact that it’s just a one-game roster with ten pitchers, two catchers, seven infielders, and six outfielders.

It’s hardly the most important thing about the roster, but the thing that stood out to me the most on seeing it is that both Nolan Reimold and Drew Stubbs made the cut. They are, if nothing else, right-handed bats on the bench, and probably better late-inning defensive options than Hyun Soo Kim. But if the game somehow hinges on Reimold or Stubbs, O’s fans probably won’t be feeling too good.

Other than that, there aren’t any big surprises. Some of them will not get into the game. Hopefully the Orioles hit five home runs early and it doesn’t really matter who the reserves are.


  • Brad Brach
  • Zach Britton
  • Dylan Bundy
  • Brian Duensing
  • Mychal Givens
  • Donnie Hart
  • Tommy Hunter
  • Ubaldo Jimenez
  • Darren O’Day
  • Chris Tillman

Not much surprise that the starting pitchers who won’t be needed for this game are not on the roster. Kevin Gausman pitched on Sunday. He wasn’t pitching again today. Maybe a bit of a surprise that none of the long relief options like Vance Worley or Tyler Wilson are on here - but with Jimenez and Bundy both available, perhaps they’re preferable.

In all likelihood, if the O’s need to worry about long relief anyway, they’re in big trouble.


  • Caleb Joseph
  • Matt Wieters

Always two there are. No more. No less. A master and an apprentice. That’s not actually true of catchers, that’s just me being a nerd and throwing in a Star Wars quote.


  • Pedro Alvarez
  • Chris Davis
  • Ryan Flaherty
  • J.J. Hardy
  • Manny Machado
  • Trey Mancini
  • Jonathan Schoop

Mancini is a surprise, but hey, more power to him. That’s one of those picks you have the luxury of making when it’s this one-game roster and you only need ten pitchers, instead of twelve. Is it a good idea to have a rookie do something like pinch hit for Alvarez in a playoff game against a lefty? That’s another question. But I’d love to see him hit a postseason homer.


  • Michael Bourn
  • Adam Jones
  • Hyun Soo Kim
  • Nolan Reimold
  • Drew Stubbs
  • Mark Trumbo

The starting trio will probably be Jones, Kim, and Trumbo. If the Orioles have a lead, Kim and Trumbo don’t seem like they’d be the players who will finish the game. Any of Bourn, Reimold, or Stubbs could be pinch runners or defensive replacements.

So there’s your wild card roster. Here’s hoping it’s a winning one.