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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where it's OK to be sad

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It's the day after a brutal wild card loss, and everyone wants to talk about Zach Britton not being used. I get it. I'm too sad for much arguing though.

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Hello, Camden Chatters. Please forgive me for getting Bird Droppings up a little late today. I didn't get to sleep until almost one a.m. after last night's terrible loss.

There are so many things to be upset about in that loss. The enduring memory for many from this game will be Buck Showalter leaving Zach Britton on the bench while throwing every other pitcher he could think of at the Blue Jays. Many people will spend the winter blaming Ubaldo Jimenez for what happened in the 11th inning. And of course, we can't forget the complete failure by the Orioles offense.

What everyone will be talking about today is the Britton thing. There have already been so many stories written about it, as you'll see below. Buck screwed up. I think we can all agree with that. Britton should have been in the game, probably pitching until he couldn't pitch any more. When Buck went with those other good relief pitchers I thought he was kind of crazy, but then it worked. Despite what you think about them being in there, Hart, Givens, Brach, and O'Day were outstanding. That's our bullpen.

But there is absolutely no justification for Duensing and then Jimenez, that's why I thought Britton must have hurt himself.

If the Orioles don't go back to the playoffs under Buck Showalter, if they don't win the whole damn thing, then not using Britton could be his legacy. None of us wants that and I think when we're thinking rationally we all know that he deserves better than that.

Buck Showalter has made some in-game moves that I and many of you have questioned in his time here. This was the biggest one yet, and for me it's that scary feeling like when someone who is supposed to know best and protect you shows that they can also make huge mistakes.

The Orioles didn't lose that game because Zach Britton wasn't in there. They lost that game because they scored two runs. But if Britton had been in there, maybe they would have had a few more chances to push a runner across the plate.

Anyway, here are some links if you can stomach them.

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There are many, many more stories like this.

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Both injured in 2014, this was their big chance. They went a combined 1-for-8.

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Please do not throw full cans of beer at baseball players when a rock-hard orb is flying toward them. Or ever. At anyone.

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If you really have nerves of steel, check out sad Ubaldo quotes here.

Is today your birthday? I certainly hope not, because I doubt you feel like celebrating. Terry Mathews, relief pitcher from 1996-98, is your only Orioles birthday buddy.

Listen, let's all try to be good to each other today. What do you think about that? I know that we're sad and cranky, but none of us is the reason that the Orioles lost. Try to remember that.