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NL Wild Card Game Thread: Giants at Mets, 8:09

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is over for the Orioles for the year, and that may mean you are too sick of baseball at this moment to think about any other teams. That is a fair stance to take. The Orioles had a chance to win the World Series and now they will not win the World Series, meaning that some other, less preferable team will win instead. Who cares?

Baseball goes on without them. That's the way it goes. Tonight will be the National League's version of the game that the Orioles played last night, which will pit the Mets against another Giants team looking to keep their even year magic thing alive. The starting pitching matchup of Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner is, one must admit, far superior to the one that was in the AL wild card game.

I suppose, if pressed, I would prefer the Mets, if only because they haven't won three of the last five World Series titles. But even then, the Mets won in 1986, which is still more recently than the Orioles, so I will not feel bad for them if they do not win the World Series this year.

Today's Lineups

Denard Span - CF Jose Reyes - 3B
Brandon Belt - 1B Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
Buster Posey - C Yoenis Cespedes - LF
Hunter Pence - RF Curtis Granderson - CF
Brandon Crawford - SS T.J. Rivera - 2B
Angel Pagan - LF Jay Bruce - RF
Joe Panik - 2B Rene Rivera - C
Conor Gillaspie - 3B James Loney - 1B
Madison Bumgarner - LHP Noah Syndergaard - RHP