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Friday Bird Droppings

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Buck and the Duq look forward, the Mounties get their man...

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Are we going to have to watch Toronto and Boston in the ALCS? Let's hope not. At any rate, if you're tired of reading about Zach Britton, pickings are slim in the way of Orioles news. Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter DID conduct their 2016 post mortem news conference yesterday, though.

Toronto Police charge Ken Pagan with mischief in Blue Jays beer can-tossing incident | National Post
Oh, Mr. Pagan...the baseball gods will not save you.

Pitching coach Dave Wallace's decision to leave creates interesting call for organization - The Orioles would seem to have an abundance of internal candidates.

Orioles' Duquette, Showalter pleased with 2016, have some decisions to make for next year - Carroll County TimesThe free agent decisions...they loom.

Can the Orioles offense feature more variety next year? - Steve Melewski
More Kim? Bourn again? Something else?

On this day in 2011, Jonathan Schoop led the Netherlands to a 7-5 victory over Team USA in the baseball World Cup. Jim Johnson crumbled following a Russell Martin homer in the ninth inning of ALDS Game One on this day in 2012.

It's the birthday of short timer John O'Donoghue whose son John O'Donoghue also pitched for the O's. Grady Hatton has a birthday today, too.