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Friday Bird Droppings: Life without Wieters?

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, folks. Rosters need to be set for Rule 5 draft purposes this evening and although the much ballyhooed Winter Meetings aren't for a couple of weeks, the Astros have kicked off their Hot Stove Season with a bang. In case you missed it, they signed rumored Orioles target Josh Reddick, and also traded for Yankees catcher Brian McCann. Reddick might have been a good fit, so that stinks, but maybe the McCann trade is a good thing for prospective buyers on the market for a free agent catcher.

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This was posted in a comment in yesterday's BD. I am reposting here for your edification.

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Happy birthday, you November 18th babies! You share a birthday with Jaime Moyer. The cagey lefty was entering phase one of his career as a, uhhh, cagey lefty when he pitched for the O's 20 years ago. Steve Bechler, who died tragically during Spring Training in 2003 would be 37 today.Tony Butler, the forgotten man in the Erik Bedard trade, also celebrates a birthday today.

On this day in 1954, a seventeen player trade between the Orioles and Yankees was completed. The trade ended with Bullett Bob Turley and Don Larsen in New York and Gus Triandos in Baltimore. Brooks Robinson was voted MVP over Mickey Mantle on this day in 1964.