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Wednesday Bird Droppings: The last day of baseball season

Are you ready for the end of baseball season? Tonight is game seven of the World Series, so the end is nigh.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Camden Chatters. We have finally reached the absolute last day of baseball season. No matter what happens tonight (other than some freak 12-hour monsoon I guess), there will be no baseball tomorrow. It's always sad that the Orioles aren't in the World Series, but this year's contest between the Cubs and Indians has been pretty exciting, last night's lopsided score notwithstanding.

It was kind of crazy watching Joe Maddon bring in his closer in the seventh inning with a five-run lead last night. It's almost as if every manager in this postseason has a thought bubble over his head that says, "I don't want everyone talking about me the way they talked about Buck Showalter."

Now, on to the links, where we can read about things that'll never happen. It's that time of year, friends.

Would the Orioles consider trading for Brian McCann - Birds Watcher
Let's see, McCann is old, expensive, and not that good. Sounds like a winner!

Yoenis Cespedes to the Baltimore Orioles? - isportsweb
Cespedes is expected to opt out of his contract with the Mets, but it doesn't seem likely that the Orioles can afford him. That would be very exciting though! If the author of the article reads this, I'd like to take issue with your writing "[s]ince the Orioles only made the playoffs three of the last six seasons" as though that's not good. That's quite good. Especially when you say three of the last five instead.

Should the Orioles make an early play to re-sign Michael Bourn? - Baltimore Sun
Michael Bourn isn't really going to be in high demand this year, but the Orioles do have gaping holes in their outfield to fill. I could see them bringing this guy back pretty quickly.

Five things to know about Orioles prospect Cody Sedlock - Press Box
There are actually more than five things in here! I feel lied to.

Blueprint For The 2017 Orioles (Option 6): The Reasonable Retool - Camden Depot
Camden Depot's ongoing series on how to approach the offseason continues with Ryan Romano's thoughts. In addition to being the proud owner of the the dumbest comment in the history of Camden Chat, Ryan thinks the Orioles should sign Carlos Gomez.

The long and short of a position change for Machado - School of Roch
The Professor of Posts is looking ahead to after J.J. Hardy's time with the Orioles is over.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four Orioles birthday buddies. Wilson Betemit, whose Baseball-Reference page hilariously lists shortstop a one of his positions, turns 35 today. Noted judge puncher Sidney Ponson is celebrating his 40th birthday today. Big Sam Horn, who once struck out six times in a game, turns 53. And relief pitcher Paul Hartzell, who pitched in six games for the 1980 O's, is celebrating birthday number 63.

On this day in 1971, Orioles pitcher Pat Dobson pitched a no-hitter against the Yomiuri Giants in an exhibition game in Japan.