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Friday Bird Droppings: Looking for Black Friday bargains

Nationally known as a day for finding deep discounts in department and big box stores, will Dan Duquette dip his toes into the free agent pool this Black Friday? Brown's Rule of the Hot Stove Season says probably nothing will happen...

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Even if a World Series title eludes us, we have quite a bit to be thankful for as Orioles fans.

In terms of Orioles news, what's available on the wires is about as enticing as that broccoli casserole that was unintentionally left out on the counter overnight. Enjoy?

Member of Canadian Parliament endorses Tim Raines' Hall of Fame bid
It's only a matter of time before Justin Trudeau invites the BBWAA to bask in his gentle goodness in a shameless ploy to drag the candidacy of the momentary O over the line.

Five reasons to sign slugger Mark Trumbo | My five: monstrous dongs, prolific dongs, majestic dongs, copious dongs and

Camden Depot: Starting Pitching Was Not (Really) a Strength of 2016 Orioles I did NOT know that.

Can Donnie Hart make the team and change a perception? - School of Roch
Will Dan Duquette's boundless search for a veteran lefty squeeze out the rookie?

On this day in 1974, former Orioles manager was named AL Rookie of the Year. Former O's intern Theo Epstein was named GM of the Boston Red Sox at the ripe olf age of 28 on this day in 2002.

If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You share your special day with Jimmy Paredes.