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Monday Bird Droppings: O's head into another uneventful week

The O's continue to lay in the weeds in the run up to the Winter Meetings. Of course, something shocking and surprising could happen on the transaction front this week, but it probably won't...

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to sugarcoat things, here: there are 127 days until Opening Day. Did you find some Black Friday deals? Avoid the whole, ugly ordeal altogether? Enjoy any rivalry weekend college ball? I'd like to tell you about exciting goings on in Birdland, but...yeah. If you're anxious about transactions, we're still about a week away from the annual nothingburger known as the Winter Meetings, though the league and the union are reportedly hammering the details of the new CBA in Dallas.

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Uhhh...FREE KIM!

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You will be hard pressed to find such rhapsodic praise of the Australian Baseball League, but two young Birds figured into Friday's final result as the Perth Heat overcame the Brisbane Bandits, defending Claxton Shield champs.

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If you're looking to Nick Hundley to improve on the framing of Matt Wieters, you will be sorely disappointed.

On this day in 1973, Al Bumbry was named AL Rookie of the Year. Steve Stone signed a free agent deal with the O's on this day in 1978. While two of his three years in Charm City weren't all that great, he DID win a Cy Young Award in 1980.

It's the birthday of Jeff Datz, who coached on the 2010 O's and also Jim Fuller.