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The Orioles aren’t doing anything, so here are some Oriole Bird Santa Claus pictures

There’s no Orioles news, but there are pictures of the Bird in a Santa suit. Oh, and bonus offseason beards!

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing that passes for news in Birdland today is that the Orioles have signed reliever Logan Ondrusek, again. This is news in the sense that it is a thing that happened, yet it’s just a bit of a stretch of the imagination to come up with some scenario where the fortunes of the 2017 Orioles hinge in any large way on the performance of Ondrusek. In time, it may be a fine signing, but it’s not a fun one.

Fortunately for all of us, there is a bit of fun today. The Orioles held their 38th annual Holiday Party for the OriolesREACH charitable efforts today at Dave & Busters in Arundel Mills Mall. This year’s event was hosted for 80 outpatients from the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital.

That doesn’t matter much for the fortunes of the 2017 Orioles either, but it is for a great cause. The event also gives us pictures of the Oriole Bird dressed up in a Santa Claus suit, in addition to pictures of some players and their offseason beards.

If I could ask Santa Bird for one thing this offseason, I would ask him for a right fielder who can actually play defense. OK, I would also ask him for a halfway competent starting rotation, but I’m trying to temper my expectations.

The Oriole Bird is definitely the greatest of all sports mascots. Just look at that fun-loving feathered friend. Cool Orioles Chris Davis, Darren O’Day, Caleb Joseph, and Tyler Wilson were all there to support the cause as well, as was at least one Orioles broadcaster.

I challenge anyone not to be happy when standing next to a Santa suit-wearing Oriole Bird.

The Orioles also continued their bizarre, puzzling obsession with inviting the Mitchell Report’s source in the O’s clubhouse, Larry Bigbie, to every single event. That’s enough about him. Here are some more pictures up close of offseason beards from the Orioles media who attended the party.

We can all also learn from this lesson: Say hello to Chris Davis before you go to take his picture. Especially if you already know him.

I don’t want to see the Orioles regularly growing gross, disgusting beards like are common with some teams in MLB, but when I see this glorious thing and know that it is not allowed to roam free during the baseball season, I do reconsider the O’s beard stance somewhat.