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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where everyone has an opinion on Zach Britton

We have links for you, but none are about anything that the Orioles have been doing because the Orioles haven't done anything. Sorry about that.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy hump day, Camden Chatters! We've made it even one day closer to Opening Day, though we're still 110 days away so don't get too excited.

Orioles news is slow going these days. While other teams are signing free agents or wheeling and dealing in trades, the Orioles are signing Logan Ondrusek. That's just great. I know that we should be used to this by now, but I hate it. Just do something already!

All we can do is read some links:

Orioles react to MLB's new anti-hazing policy | WBFF
I was nervous about clicking this, as the new anti-hazing policy is that they can't haze by dressing players as women. But I forgot that all of these guys have been trained by Buck Showalter. Nothing offensive or even interesting in these quotes.

Chris Davis, Wife Jill Become Ambassadors For Children's Hospital | WBAL Radio
Good on them. He's going to be around Baltimore for awhile, so it's nice he's doing something for the community.

Orioles GM Dan Duquette finally learns the fine art of throwing shade -
This article draws a connection between Dan Duquette dissing Roger Clemens 20 years ago and him dissing Jose Bautista this year. I don't think he's learned anything; he's just weird Dan Duquette.

Baltimore Orioles Should Consider Trading Zach Britton - Birds Watcher
In case you haven't read enough takes on this particular subject.

Darren O'Day sees reliever value skyrocket, wants the Orioles to keep bullpen intact - Baltimore Sun
Darren O'Day doesn't want any of his friends to be traded, and he's in the best shape of his life.

The closer signing trifecta is complete - Steve Melewski
Steve Melewski can't just write an article without showing a little bit of saltiness. In an otherwise fine post about the three closers that signed as free agents and how it affects Zach Britton's value going forward, he has to throw in the line "Some of the Cy Young Award voters who didn’t believe Zach Britton should win the award because he 'only' pitched 70 innings are probably having some issues with these deals."

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your have three Orioles birthday buddies. The first is Rodrigo Lopez, who turns 41 today. Rodrigo was the anchor of the rotation through some pretty dark years, 2002-2006. Also born on this day are two one-and-done Orioles: Jeff Robinson, who make 19 starts for the 1991 Birds; and Bobby Adams, a utility infielder for the 1956 Orioles.

On this day in 2011 the Orioles signed Tsuyoshi Wada to a two-year deal. That worked out well.