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MLB rumors: Rockies interested in Mark Trumbo

Recent Oriole Mark Trumbo is drawing interest from the Rockies, which sounds like a match made in heaven.

MLB: AL Wild Card-Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
This guy in Coors Field will probably be good for somebody.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

One of the recent Orioles on the free agent market, and the only one to receive a qualifying offer from the team, may soon be headed elsewhere officially. MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reported on Saturday that Trumbo was receiving “continued interest” from the Rockies and that this week’s upcoming Winter Meetings should bring “clarity” to his market.

Trumbo getting to play half of his games in Coors Field sounds like a good deal for somebody at first glance. And the Rockies, it turns out, are in particular need of a first baseman, as MLB Trade Rumors notes that the current Rockies first baseman on the depth chart is disappointing 2015 Oriole Gerardo Parra.

Parra, you may recall, was an outfielder. He was also horrible for his two months in Baltimore, then went and signed a three year deal with the Rockies, where he was equally as bad in the first year of that deal. Talk about falling out of favor.

Anyway, so the Rockies could use a first baseman and the home run champion, who was generally a first baseman before the Orioles came along and stuck him in right field, is right out there on the free agent market. That looks like a match made in heaven. Take the .256/.316/.533 batting line Trumbo had in Baltimore and imagine it in Coors.

It’s not always that easy, of course. They’ll still have to agree on years and dollars and all of that, and there’s always the possibility they won’t figure out a deal. Another team could bumble into the process, or the Rockies might decide not to go for it after all. Trumbo would cost them a draft pick to sign, since this offseason’s qualifying offer free agents are still operating under the old CBA rules.

The Rockies sit in the somewhat unenviable position of pick #11, which is the first pick that is not protected from loss if a QO free agent is signed. A team picking that high and giving up the pick should be pretty dang sure about the free agent they’re signing. Nobody wants to be the guy who gave up the #14 pick for Yovani Gallardo, for instance.

From the Orioles perspective, Trumbo going to Colorado is just about the best case scenario. If he goes there and is great, the Coors Field effect would be an easy explanation - and they won’t have to be constantly reminded of the guy they didn’t keep because they aren’t going to meet the Rockies in the next two seasons unless it’s in the World Series.

Also, if the Rockies sign Trumbo, both of the Orioles first round draft picks will move up a spot. Their regular first round pick would get bumped up to #22, with the compensation pick for Trumbo slotting in at #30. Every little bit helps.