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Rounding up the best pictures from day 1 of Orioles spring training

Orioles pitchers and catchers have reported, which means pictures of mundane tossing sessions and guys standing around! Chris Tillman's looking to be in better shape, and Jonathan Schoop looks ready to rock, too.

If you've been wandering in the darkness for long enough, any kind of light feels like a gift sent down from heaven. And sure, maybe now you're walking around with nothing but a little Mickey Mouse flashlight that doesn't show you all that much - but it's still better than darkness. That's Orioles pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training. It's not great. It's better than winter.

The early spring training custom is to have a plethora of photos and videos taken by beat writers who don't know or don't think to turn their phones sideways. Sometimes they're close enough that you can recognize the player in question. Other times you have to take their word for it.

Not much strenuous was happening today, with pitchers and catchers only due to report today. The first full workout won't be until tomorrow. Still, there are pictures of baseball players in action doing things! Or just standing around. Let's get pumped.

This may be the most newsworthy of the pictures because this is a fairly clear shot of Chris Tillman looking like he's in pretty good shape. You may recall an infamous picture from January of last year in which Tillman, a month or so before the start of spring training, looked pretty clearly out of shape and that seemed to carry on through a lot of the year.

Does Tillman looking to be in better shape mean anything for the season? Heck, I have no idea. Two springs ago we got all excited because there was some picture of Nick Markakis doing a running drill and his forearms looked totally ripped. He proceeded to slug .386 in the season that followed.

We're not the only ones to notice Tillman, at any rate. Buck Showalter, who's gotten a lot closer than some pictures, also noticed.

On the subject of who's in what shape, let's hope this is the shape of a guy who's ready to mash some baseballs:

Kim had reportedly been working out with Brady Anderson's California crew for the last month or so. The O's had wanted Kim to lose 15 pounds. Is this after losing the 15 pounds? I don't know.

Whether he's a hit on the field remains to be seen. Standards to be a hit with Orioles media on day one of spring training are much lower. He passed through their workspace and paid the toll: He had to take a picture with them. The fourth estate was placated.

Showalter doesn't sound like he's worried about Kim. He told O's reporters, "I think (Kim's) going to find that baseball's baseball."

OK, maybe that's not so exciting. How about Dylan Bundy throwing a baseball - twice! - without his arm appearing to fall off in the process?

This, too, doesn't mean a whole lot. He's not throwing off a mound. He's surely not throwing with full intensity. But it's February 18 and this is all we've got. The grainy videos of bullpen sessions will be coming soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

Hunter Harvey, too, will face his test of throwing without having his arm fall off. As a pitcher who's been invited to the big league camp, he's supposed to have reported today, but he hasn't been photographed by the media yet.

Position players don't have to be there for a few more days, which didn't stop some of them from showing up early, like this duo who figure to be teaming up for some double plays over the course of the season to come:

Speaking of players who are going to be mashing some baseballs, Jonathan Schoop looks like a man who is ready to get this show on the road. He hit 15 home runs in 321 plate appearances last season. Here's hoping he's got 25-30 in store over a full season.

And that just about does it for the "excitement" of day one of spring training. Well, maybe the Orioles will sign Yovani Gallardo or Dexter Fowler later on? When asked to discuss the Orioles offseason, Showalter responded, "It's always to be continued." So there you have it. Stay tuned! And probably don't spend too much time thinking about who the O's could pick with the 14th or 28th pick in the draft.