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Orioles players keep trickling into camp, including soon-to-be-Oriole Yovani Gallardo

Orioles pitchers continue to throw bullpens as position players including Adam Jones trickle into camp. Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey both pitched as scheduled today. There is video.

Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey have both now thrown baseballs without having an arm fall off. Orioles spring training is now an unqualified success, right? Just shut it down before anything bad happens to anybody. Take the next month off.

That's not how it works, of course. The O's have a lot to work out during spring training. Everyone needs to shake off the offseason rust and get back into playing shape. A variety of O's, including Bundy and Harvey, will be closely watched to see how they're coming along with injury recovery. That will also include J.J. Hardy (torn labrum), Matt Wieters (Tommy John), and Miguel Gonzalez (oblique).

Of that second group, none of the three ended the season on the disabled list due to those injuries, but all of them seemed to have their performance impacted as a result of their respective ailments. How or if they recover from those issues will be important things to follow this season.

It's early to be making grand proclamations about how people look. The whole team hasn't even reported to spring training yet, with position players not due to arrive until Tuesday for the first full squad workout on Wednesday. Adam Jones was among the Monday arrivals, as was Manny Machado.

The Orioles haven't even signed everyone they're going to sign yet. Yovani Gallardo is expected to take his physical this afternoon, though, and the signing could be officially announced soon afterwards. Next up, Dexter Fowler?

Other than those guys, though, no news is good news. The only other news that comes out of spring training is if someone gets hurt and that's always bad. So let's get on with the segment of people doing mundane spring training things, presumably not hurting themselves in the process.

That is Bundy on our left, throwing to the string drill mound, according to Brittany Ghiroli. This was used with great success to help turn Zach Britton into what he is now. Why's Bundy throwing off that mound? I don't know. After such sparse use, having something to help emphasize his command probably doesn't hurt.

Harvey also got his throwing in today:

Why this angle is not a question I can answer for you either. But there's Harvey in the middle, for whatever two pitches worth of video will tell us about him. Probably nothing! Except that his arm didn't fall off, which is still something.

Just don't ask what kind of velocity they're working with yet. The whole point of spring training is so players don't go right from 0 to maximum and hurt themselves in the process. Where they are now is not necessarily where they'll be in a month.

I'm sure that Vance Worley is going to be eternally grateful that he was tagged in this tweet, so he'll get all the notifications when it's retweeted and liked. That was sarcasm just there. Gonzalez and Chris Tillman speak for themselves. If they're looking good this year, you have to like the O's chances of doing just about anything.

We learn from this brief clip that Kevin Gausman is apparently picky about which baseball he's throwing in the bullpen session. Brad Brach and Todd Redmond are here also. Redmond is probably mostly camp roster filler, and he's a couple of days behind as he missed some time to be with his wife, who very recently gave birth to a baby boy named Wyatt Lee Redmond.

I knew a kid in high school whose first name was Wyatt. I always called him Earp. For some reason it never caught on.

Last but certainly not least, because it will make us all feel like spring is closer, the Oriole Bird is down in Sarasota and enjoying the company of faithful fans:

Do mascots get any better than this?