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Orioles rumors: Issue with Yovani Gallardo's physical involves his shoulder

The Oriole signing of Yovani Gallardo isn't dead, but it is on hold until they get some further test results after they reportedly saw something concerning on their initial MRI.

The snag with the Orioles physical of free agent pitcher Yovani Gallardo has to do with something the O's want to clarify about his shoulder, according to the Baltimore Sun's Eduardo Encina. When that will get resolved is not known, though MASN's Roch Kubatko earlier reported that the Orioles are "hoping" to get results tomorrow on some additional tests.

Encina adds that he believes the extra "due diligence" being done by the O's is the result of Gallardo costing them a draft pick to sign; the concern would not be as great if not for that.

If they're locked in to Dexter Fowler, whose own signing is pending a physical, of course, that means they're giving up the #14 pick regardless, so they'd only lose a lesser draft pick (the #28 choice - still high enough to seem fairly valuable) to sign Gallardo.

Would the Orioles be less cautious about this pick instead? This is not a theory that holds up to much scrutiny, though neither people nor teams are required to do things that make perfect sense to the outside observer.

Everyone who pitches baseballs for a living is going to have some things show up on an MRI. That's just the way it goes. Gallardo hasn't run into shoulder issues in his career up to this point, though if the O's are concerned Gallardo may be on the way to a breakdown, that would make their caution a lot more understandable. If there's no worrisome damage in the further tests, they can sign him as planned. If not, things will be back up in the air as far as what is going to happen.