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Friday Bird Droppings

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought you'd escape stories about Dexter Fowler today, I hate to tell you that, at this point, no dice. The Fowler incident was already news-y without Casey Close adding fuel to the fire. Meanwhile, in Sarasota, Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey remain un-injured, so there's that.

Dexter Fowler's agent rips Orioles, media after his client signs with Cubs -
Casey Close goes all threat level midnight on the O's.

School of Roch: Dan Duquette responds to Casey Close's statement
The Duq does not abide.

Dan Duquette: No opt-out for Dexter Fowler |
Another extended jam on the O's opt out stance. Perfectly defensible in this case, but for some folks, it doesn't matter.

Dexter Fowler's fiasco with Orioles raises a lot of questions | FOX Sports
The Mighty Bowtie stirs the pot. He's really made quite a bit of mischief having a go at the Birds this week.

Breakout Candidates for 2016: Baltimore Orioles - Minor League Ball
Probably nothing too unexpected here, but if you haven't been keeping up, take a look!

It's the birthday of homegrown, soft tossing righty Josh Towers. Richard Wieters, father of Matt, celebrates a birthday today.