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Saturday Bird Droppings

Everyone is still settling into the spring trainig routine and games start Tuesday. Well, "games."

Happy Saturday, Camden Chatters. I'm filling in for the talented Bill Duck today as he's off...wrestling? Softballing? Politicking? One of those I'm pretty sure.

We're now just 37 days away from Opening Day. The number 37 is currently worn by no one, but Kevin Gausman did don it in 2013 before switching to his current 39. Other distinguished Orioles to wear 37 are former closer and current brewmaster Chris Ray as well as John "T-Bone" Shelby.

Quick story before I give you the links. We have this handy little tool for creating link posts. It's a button you can put on your browser toolbar and when you see a story you want to include, you click the button and a window pops up where you can write up a description. Anyway, I tried to clip this article today about how the Orioles might want to try to get Jay Bruce now that they don't have Dexter Fowler, and the button simply refused to work. It worked for all other articles, but not that one. That's how bad of an idea it is to trade for Jay Bruce.

Steve Melewski: Trey Mancini on a career turning point, his power increase and more
If Trey Mancini puts up another good year in 2016 we might have something worth getting exctied about.

'Iron Manny' Machado bobblehead, Shooter McGavin night highlight Frederick Keys promotions in 2016 - Baltimore Sun
Have you ever wanted to see Manny Machado in an Iron Man costume? Because they're giving that bobblehead away at the Keys game this year. They're also having West Wing night featuring Bradley Whitford. What do you think happens at West Wing night? Maybe I'll see you at the Keys game this year as I'm the owner of one of their partial season ticket plans.

Orioles' Nolan Reimold: In-house candidate to play right field -
We all know this is a long shot, and we all know that Nolan Reimold is probably not the answer in right field. At least, not a good answer. But imagine he was? I know it would make me happy.

Dexter Fowler's reversal a body blow to the Orioles - Yahoo Sports
Another Fowler article, this one from noted skimmer Jeff Passan. But I like it for the way it talks about Adam Jones, a player we are lucky to have.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your only Orioles birthday buddy is the newest member of the team, Yovani Gallardo. He turns 30 today.