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Game -33: Orioles @ Braves

It's neither on TV nor radio in Baltimore, but the Orioles spring training schedule begins this afternoon in the spring home of the Atlanta Braves.

I've got to be honest with you. Spring training sucks unless you're there. It's not real baseball. No one treats the games as such. The Orioles are no exception in this regard, as here on this, their first Grapefruit League game, where they travel to the spring home of the Braves, they are deploying this for a lineup:

1. Ryan Flaherty - 2B
2. Steve Tolleson - 3B
3. Jimmy Paredes - DH
4. Christian Walker - 1B
5. Hyun Soo Kim - LF
6. Caleb Joseph - C
7. Henry Urrutia - RF
8. Dariel Alvarez - CF
9. Paul Janish - SS

SP - Mike Wright - RHP

That's not a lineup of a team for whom winning is a priority. It's not even a lineup for whom "shaking off rust for the regulars" is a priority, because as things stand right now it's hard to imagine more than one of those players being in the Opening Day starting lineup.

Oh yeah, and it's not going to be on the radio or television anywhere in the Baltimore area. You can't watch it at all. You can only listen to it if you're in range of 1230 AM in Atlanta - or if you're an subscriber. The Orioles, unlike some other teams, including these Braves, do not bother to have all of their spring games on the radio.

But it's baseball. It's Orioles baseball, even, from a certain point of view. And it's March now, and Opening Day is in April. The start of spring training games means we're getting close to the best sport being back for seven months. Let's do this.