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Orioles spring training game -23 thread: vs. Yankees

The Orioles are back on MASN on Thursday afternoon. Maybe they'll actually win a spring game today? Stranger things have happened.

Another day, another chance for the Orioles to keep being winless for the duration of spring training. This latest attempt will be back on television in Baltimore again, as MASN will be airing the game. I believe the broadcast duo is Jim Hunter and Mike Bordick. It's spring training for them too.

No Pedro Alvarez in the lineup just yet. He only just got here and probably has some working out to do to get game ready anyway, so I don't know when we'll see him.

Pitchers including Chris Tillman and Kevin Gausman already got their work in today in the "B" game (minor leaguers) because Buck Showalter is weird about having his regular pitchers go against divisional opponents in spring training. They're playing the Yankees today, or at least a team of guys in Yankees uniforms.

The lineup:

1. Manny Machado 3B
2. Adam Jones CF
3. Chris Davis 1B
4. Mark Trumbo RF
5. Matt Wieters C
6. Hyun Soo Kim DH
7. J.J. Hardy SS
8. Jonathan Schoop 2B
9. L.J. Hoes RF

SP - Tyler Wilson - RHP

I would like for Kim to get a hit just so everyone stops talking about him being hitless. I'm sure he feels the same way, which probably doesn't help things much.