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Friday Bird Droppings

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles continue to not win exhibition games and I continue to be not alarmed...but Hyun Soo Kim is off the snide, so there's that.

O's Hyun Soo Kim records first MLB spring hit |
Deal with it.

Camden Depot: When To Worry About Hyun Soo Kim...Not Any Time Soon The good folks at the Depot also present this narrative buster for your consideration.

Orioles Heads Groundskeeper Wins Women’s Leadership Award " CBS Baltimore
Nicole McFayden is a badass. She runs a tight ship and makes OPACY beautiful.

Orioles Bubble Players: 10-Game Checkpoint (Pressbox)
"Paul Folkemer takes a look at Joey Rickard and other Orioles bubble players whose stock rose or fell during the beginning of Grapefruit League play."

How will the Orioles Use Nolan Reimold this Season? - Baseball Essential As often as they can until he breaks? Sorry.

Statcast: Orioles among top hard-hitting teams |
Now, who wants to see the O's hit some dingers?!

On this day in 1991, Jim Palmer's comeback effort hit a snag as he allowed five runs and two hits against the Red Sox. Palmer would shut it down the following the day. At least he didn't give up a grand slam.

Not a lot in the way of Birdland birthdays today. Rich Hill? Phil Bradley? Steve Reed. Blech.