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Orioles spring training game -20 thread: at Twins

The Orioles finally won a spring training game. Today they hit the road to Twins camp to try to win a second. Pedro Alvarez will be playing in the field. That is not a joke.

The Orioles are finally in the win column for spring training, and they did so, funnily enough, against the Twins, whom they did not beat in the regular season at all last year. A largely different set of Orioles hits the road to play a largely different set of Twins today. That's how spring training rolls.

Another way that spring training rolls is that it goes untelevised and unbroadcast on the radio, at least locally. If you are an subscriber, you will be able to watch the Twins broadcast on there, but that's all you get.

If you are watching online, one thing you will get to see is Pedro Alvarez playing first base. Oh noooooo! Not only is he going to play first, manager Buck Showalter told Orioles reporters that Alvarez might play a little third in spring training! This is heading towards a dark timeline.

Here's today's lineup:

1. Joey Rickard CF
2. Ryan Flaherty 3B
3. Christian Walker DH
4. Pedro Alvarez 1B
5. Jonathan Schoop 2B
6. Hyun Soo Kim LF
7. Caleb Joseph C
8. Paul Janish SS
9. Dariel Alvarez RF

SP - Miguel Gonzalez - RHP

As with most of these games, there's no way a rational person can look at this lineup and conclude, "The Orioles are seriously trying to win this game." It's obviously not a priority at this point, still three weeks removed from when the games start to count. Which is the biggest reason why there should be no panic over the 1-10-2 start to spring.

They aren't trying, and there's still time left. So keep on not worrying, although in a week's time it may be ready to enact your panic plan. Keep it updated and make sure all of your family members are on the same page.