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Matt Wieters had MRI done on elbow and everything "looked good"

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters had an MRI done on Monday, after the team made a point of one not being scheduled before. The results "looked good," though, so the problem does not seem serious at this time.

The mystery of the elbow of Matt Wieters continues to unfold. So far, at least, the news is positive. Following Monday's spring training win over the Phillies, Orioles manager Buck Showalter announced that an MRI taken of Wieters' elbow revealed no structural damage.

That Wieters had an MRI done on the same elbow on which he had Tommy John surgery during the 2014 season was a surprise. Two days ago, the O's said there was no MRI scheduled at all, and this was held up as a good sign. That there was suddenly an MRI done was briefly worrisome.

Added to the worry was Showalter's comment on the situation to O's media prior to Monday's game, in which he said: "I thought he had a good face with it today and he's planning on winning that battle."

Doesn't that sound on the grim side to you? Talking about "having a good face with it" seems to suggest there's some struggle beyond what Showalter initially described as "hopefully routine spring soreness" - as does talking about it in terms of "planning on winning that battle."

And maybe it doesn't mean anything, but Orioles radio announcers Joe Angel and Jim Hunter openly speculating during Monday's broadcast about what the O's might do if Wieters can't be ready on Opening Day seemed worrisome as well.

For now, things are day by day. It's a great sign that the MRI didn't reveal any red flags, but eventually day by day has to turn into back to normal for Wieters, or at least what's normal in his post-TJ period. We'll see how long it takes to get to that point.