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FanPost Friday: Who do you hate to see the Orioles lose to?

It's time for you to stop reading and start writing. Except don't stop reading, we need you.

Hello Camden Chat readers, and welcome to FanPost Friday. I hope that most of you know what FanPosts are, but for those of you who don't, FanPosts are the part of this site where anyone can write about their thoughts on the Orioles or baseball in general.

CC is a great place where you can read loads of original content from our staff writers, and the content that they generate is well worth your time. But their opinions on baseball aren't any more valuable than yours, so if you have something to say, we want to make sure that this is the kind of site where you feel comfortable saying it. That's where FanPosts come in.

Starting today, I am going to be posting a weekly topic that I want to hear from you on. The topics will hopefully be meaty enough that you'll have plenty to say. Of course, if you don't like my proposed topic, that's cool too. You can always write about whatever you want in the FanPosts. That's why they're there.

This year will mark the tenth season that I've written stories for CC, but the entire first year I was writing FanPosts. In addition to giving me the chance to air my frustrations (it was 2007, after all), writing about the Orioles helped me learn more about baseball and become a better writer. If it weren't for FanPosts, I probably would never have ended up being part of the CC team. Our leader, Mark Brown, could say the same. I plucked him out of the FanPosts back in 2010 and now he's running the joint.

I'm not saying that you should only write FanPosts if you want to become a front page CC writer (although if you do, it's a great place to start). I'm just saying that if you're a big enough Orioles fan to be visiting CC on the regular, then you probably have some cool things to say about the Orioles and some opinions worth sharing.

In the future I'll be writing my own response to my proposed topic in this space, but today I thought it was important to introduce what this new series is. It's for you guys to tell me (and the world) about your Orioles experiences. Once the season starts I'll hopefully be throwing some current team questions at you, but for now we'll start with:

Other than the Yankees and Red Sox, which team do you hate to lose to most? What is it about that team that gets to you and why?

I'm sure you all have some good opinions on that. So head on over to the FanPosts Section and get started. I can't wait to read what you have to say.