Blue Jays

1989, and the heartbreak end of season weekend series in Toronto.

1992 and 1993: those big money Toronto teams, and all the entitlement (& free agent talent) that brought them 2 championships.

Similarly, see "SkyDome." Also representative of all of baseball's ills.

Conversely, see "Camden Yards." We are proud and fortunate to have something representative of baseball's beauty to call home. An All-Star game to celebrate it's opening? Oh wow, so amazing. Nothing could dampen that night...

Citi Gaston. Cito Gaston. Cito Gaston. (And so many Blue Jays all-stars who did play.)

Fast forwarding to today. Of course there's Jose Bautista. But I don't want to give that guy any more digital ink than he's already gotten this spring, so we'll just close the case there.

So apparently, the Blue Jays of my childhood really set the tone for me. Truth be told, I would always rather see loss to the Red Sox than to the Blue Jays! As annoying as the Red Sox are now, they will always also be that team that just couldn't win for most of the last century.

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