Angels...why? (Team you hate losing to post)

This is a team that most of the USA doesn't care about. I've met two true fans of said team in my life on the west coast. Their players don't stand out as assholes, they occasionally try to buy free agents(with about an O's winning percentage), and they don't win all the time. So why the hate?

Luck, manager, and Trout(this could make this list redundant.)

1. They were the first AL team to win a wild card and win the W.S. WTF!?!?

2. Mike Scioscia is a National League manager. It's in his bones and no matter what changes in his roster he treats it as such. I hated watching the Angels with Vlad play that system.

3. Trout. I like the man. He may be the best <25 player in the MLB for this generation. The Angels drafting him so late after we picked Hobgood still irks me.

4. How lucky can you be to get Chone ('s Shawn or Sean) Figgins for his best seasons and then the Mariners get third base version of Brendan Ryan for $9m a year.

5. Pick a damn name. California, Anaheim, California Angels of Aneheim. Other than Angels I am unsure of what to call them.

I will admit I don't hate them the most, or get angry the most after losses, but I do no like the losses to them far more than I should.

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