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Sunday Bird Droppings

Mark Trumbo finds his hitting groove, Brooks Robinson can still pinch hit, and Xavier Avery may run out of time to make the roster.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles slugger Mark Trumbo finding his groove, approach after 'killed' home run - Baltimore Sun
Orioles outfielder Mark Trumbo is finding his timing and approach as Grapefruit League play rolls on.

Orioles' Grapefruit League game against Rays canceled - Baltimore Sun
Rain, rain, go away...

Orioles' Xavier Avery: Out with hip injury -
Xavier Avery's already slim chances of making the roster now move to almost non-existent.

Orioles Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson pinch-hits at Ephrata sports card show | Baseball |
The Ephrata Lions Club received some bad news and then some good news within 12 hours of its 37th annual sports card show and auction.

Innings Eaters :: Orioles Must Trade Either Pedro Alvarez, Mark Trumbo for Speed
"While stolen bases are down across the league, the Orioles have completely neglected speed. Alvarez and Trumbo also don’t belong on the same roster as they essentially do the same thing from a different side of the plate." Just let that pair of sentences sink in, and realize literally anyone who can type can have a blog.

Schmuck: With Rays set to play in Cuba, a look back at Orioles' groundbreaking visit in 1999 - Baltimore Sun
Peter Angelos invited Peter Schmuck along so a reporter would be there to document the trip.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Manny Alexander, Chris Hoiles, Mike Young, and Paul Mirabella. They share the day with famous people like 43 BC Ovid, Roman poet; 1820 Susan B. Anthony, reformer and women's suffrage movement leader (she's on the next test); 1856 Frederick Winslow Taylor, American mechanical engineer and the father of scientific management (so is he); 1904 B.F. Skinner, Behaviorism pioneer; 1906 Ozzie Nelson, American actor; 1922 Carl Reiner, comedian; 1928 Fred Rogers, American children's TV host; 1931 Hal Linden, actor (Barney Miller); 1939 Brian Mulroney, 18th Prime Minister of Canada; 1947 Carl Palmer, drummer; 1948 Bobby Orr, NHL Hall of Fame defenseman; 1948 John de Lancie, actor; 1957 Spike Lee, director; 1958 Holly Hunter, actress; and 1959 Sting, retired professional wrestler.

On this day in Baltimore baseball history...

1995 - The Baltimore Orioles cancel the remainder of their spring training games because of the team's refusal to use replacement players.

In world history on this date...

1602 United Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) forms

1815 Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule

1890 German Emperor Wilhelm II fires republic chancellor Otto Von Bismarck

1900 US Secretary of State John Hay announces that all nations to whom he sent notes calling for an 'open door' policy in China have essentially accepted his stand.

1933 Dachau, 1st Nazi concentration camp, completed

Well, that's pretty depressing. There's no way to segue from that into college basket, so I'm just going to say consider this your discussion space for Hawaii vs Maryland in NCAA Men's Basketball Round of 32 action at 7:10 p.m. on TBS.