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Orioles spring training game -4 thread: vs. Braves

There are only four remaining spring training games for the Orioles, including this one on MASN tonight, if it doesn't get rained out.

There are four spring training games remaining to the Orioles, including one in what passes for spring prime time tonight. The O's may not even get to play this game, as the indications from the beat corps in Sarasota are that the weather is, or at least soon will be, ugly.

So don't get your heart set on sitting down to watch nine innings, anyway. Oh, and you will actually get to watch it tonight, as the game will be on MASN for as long as it lasts. Hooray for the Orioles on television!

As you'd expect for a lineup this close to Opening Day, it's looking very regular season-y:

1. Manny Machado 3B
2. Matt Wieters C
3. Adam Jones CF
4. Chris Davis 1B
5. Mark Trumbo RF
6. Pedro Alvarez DH
7. J.J. Hardy SS
8. Ryan Flaherty LF
9. Jonathan Schoop 2B

SP - Miguel Gonzalez RHP

Well, except for the presence of Flaherty in left field and Wieters at the #2 spot in the order. Flaherty missed a couple of days due to battling the flu, so that's probably why he is in there. And Wieters has also missed time, so having him at #2 could be a way to ensure he gets in at least an at-bat or two before the weather arrives.

Also, Gonzalez may be pitching for his rotation spot in this game... although that would be dumb because judging a guy on one game would be dumb. And Buck Showalter said he'd be a bad evaluator if he judged a guy on one game at this point. If he has another bad game, though, it's further along the track record he's shown through this spring.

He might not even get to pitch long enough to figure out whether today is a good or bad day for him, depending on the weather.

So that might make it easier to shuffle him... where? To Norfolk, since Vance Worley might be the long man? I guess we'll see.