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Orioles set starting rotation, keep some of it a secret for now

We know three names who are going to be in the Orioles starting rotation to begin the season, and we know two names who aren't going to be in it. That's something, right?

The Orioles have set their starting rotation for the regular season, although as of this moment, some of it is a state secret. Following after previously-announced Opening Day starter Chris Tillman will be Yovani Gallardo and Ubaldo Jimenez, in that order.

Of course, that's only three names, and a starting rotation typically has five names. O's manager Buck Showalter would not divulge the names of his last two starters at this point in time. One thing we do know is that neither the #4 starter or #5 starter will be Miguel Gonzalez, since he was reportedly placed on release waivers earlier on Wednesday.

Another bit of information to come out on Wednesday is that Gausman will not be the #5 starter to begin the season. Showalter signaled that Gausman will not make his first start of the year on the previously-bandied about April 10. Rather, the O's are now targeting April 19. Shocking that an O's injury return would stretch out longer than they first said, right? That was sarcasm just there.

Presumably, the #4 starter will be one of the three W guys - Mike Wright, Tyler Wilson, and Vance Worley. Wright's usage in spring training would seem to suggest he has the inside track on the job, but this is the Orioles we're talking about, and everything has to achieve maximum weirdness lately. So don't rule out some last-minute swerve of some kind.

The #5 starter could very easily also be one of the other W guys. This rotation spot will be needed twice before Gausman's return, if it happens on April 19. The 19th is the 14th game of the O's season, and a fifth starter spot would be needed on April 10 and 15, assuming normal rest.

With Gausman not making a quick return from the DL, that may rule out the O's going for an extra bullpen guy or bench player for four games. If everyone's healthy they might well just have all five starters on the Opening Day roster. Once Gausman returns, they can option whichever of the Wright/Wilson duo (if they're 4/5) that they choose.

Are you feeling inspired with a season-opening starting rotation of something like Tillman, Gallardo, Jimenez, Wright, and Wilson? That's the group on whose shoulders the O's hopes for this season rest.

If you need me, I'll just be over here weeping in the corner.