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Orioles spring training game -25 thread: vs. Red Sox

Finally, the Orioles have come back to our television sets. They will take on the Red Sox in the first MASN televised game of spring. Maybe they'll actually win.

Winter is finally over. The Orioles are back on television at last. Today, March 8, is the first time that you will be able to see them on MASN live this year. If you're stuck at work because it's a Tuesday and you won't be able to watch - sorry. Those of us who can will try to enjoy it vicariously on our behalf, at least as much as any spring training game can be enjoyed.

Even if there was something to like about spring training in general, which there isn't, the O's have made it even harder to enjoy any of it so far by failing to win a single game that they have played. It is the opposite of fun. Maybe they just needed to get back on TV to win.

Here is the lineup:

1. Nolan Reimold DH
2. Manny Machado 3B
3. Chris Davis 1B
4. Adam Jones CF
5. Mark Trumbo RF
6. Matt Wieters C
7. J.J. Hardy SS
8. Jonathan Schoop 2B
9. Joey Rickard LF

SP - Miguel Gonzalez - RHP

That has the look of a regular season-ish lineup, as you'd expect for a spring training home game. Their competition will not make it feel like a regular season game, because also as you'd expect for a spring training road game, the Red Sox did not pack much of the A team onto the bus to Sarasota. That's the way it goes.

Don't worry about any of that right now. Today the Orioles are back on our television sets. It is a good day.