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Orioles power rankings roundup for week 1: Where the O's get some credit, but not much

We know computers hate the Orioles, and national broadcasters hate the Orioles, but do the folks who make power polls/rankings hate the Orioles? Let's find out.

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (16th; Preseason: N/A)
The Orioles start the season in 16th place, although after a 6-0 start as of Tuesday morning, you'd hope they'd go higher in this experts+fan polling system. Power Poll (11th; Preseason: 23rd)
"The Baltimore Orioles, MLB's last undefeated team, made the biggest jump up in the rankings, moving from No. 23 all the way to No. 11. With teams in front of them struggling, they could be even higher next week."

CBS Sports Power Rankings
Matt Snyder doesn't post his rankings until Wednesday morning, too late to be included in this weekly feature's new time slot. Sorry, Matt.

USA Today Power Rankings (13th; Preseason: 20th)
The Nation's Newspaper slides the O's up 7 slots from the previous week's rankings. That's the highest any team moved. "Started spring 0-10-2, regular season 5-0." Make that 6-0 as of Tuesday morning, USAT. The 30 (N/A; Preseason: N/A)
I'm going to miss I already do, actually. The good news is, Jonah Keri's The 30 is alive in another place... The 30 (10th; Preseason: N/A) doesn't give commentary on every team, so we'll just bask in the glow that is Top 10 placement.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (17th; Preseason: 24th)
"It's safe to assume that few outside the city of Baltimore would have predicted the Orioles would be the lone undefeated team in baseball after one week. That earns them a seven-spot jump in this week's rankings, but let's try to remember it is just one week. This coming week should be a telling one as they go on the road to face two good teams in the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers."

The Baltimore Sun's MLB Power Rankings (2nd; Preseason: N/A)
It's a bad slideshow, but hey, it's the hometown paper, and they have gone all in on the O's after their undefeated opening week.

If there are any other national power polls/rankings you'd like shared, leave them in the comments.