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Thursday Orioles lineup: Adam Jones is back!

After a week where he wasn't in the Orioles starting lineup at all, Adam Jones is finally back and batting third.

He's back! Adam Jones is finally in the Orioles starting lineup again. Whether it was the trip to the warmer weather of Texas that did it or simply enough days where he was resting, he is ready enough to play to be back in the lineup, and with that, one more strong bat rejoins the O's lineup.

Not that we should particularly expect much of them tonight as they face Cole Hamels in the opening game of the series against the Rangers. The Orioles against left-handed pitchers is just not something that went well last year, and there's not much reason to expect that to be different this year. You never know, of course.

The starting nine who will be behind Chris Tillman on Thursday night:

1. Joey Rickard - LF
2. Manny Machado - 3B
3. Adam Jones - CF
4. Chris Davis - 1B
5. Mark Trumbo - DH
6. Matt Wieters - C
7. J.J. Hardy - SS
8. Jonathan Schoop - 2B
9. Nolan Reimold - RF

It's good that Jones is back in the lineup, though it'll be better still if he demonstrates that he is healthy by doing something great tonight - and if he then stays healthy and remains in the lineup on a regular basis.

It isn't going to do much good for the O's if he re-aggravates the "rib area" soreness the first time that he swings out of his shoes at a pitch. Nor will it do much good for the O's if the supposed rib area soreness that was definitely not an oblique tweak turns out to have been an oblique tweak all along, and that Jones is actually not in playing shape. But we'll see about that as time goes along here.

Are you worried about Jones as he makes his return? How do you think this bunch will manage against Hamels tonight?