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FanPost Friday: Who is your all-time favorite non-Oriole?

The Oroles come first in our hearts. But that doesn't mean there haven't been other players that you've loved. I want to hear about them!

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Welcome to another FanPost Friday! Last week I asked you to recount your most memorable Orioles game and you guys delivered. We got 20 responses, and they were all enjoyable to read. You can check out the post I wrote collecting them here. It's definitely worth a click. I read all 20 and my top three were:

Most Memorable Game: 2012 ALDS, Game 1 - 2632
A few people wrote about this game, and I don't blame them. 2632's story had the magic of the game and the magic of family.

2014. ALDS. Game 2. - OEutaw
This was another that got multiple entries because it was amazing. OEutaw included the GIF of Delmon's double which I could watch all day long.

Most Memorable Orioles Game: 4/26/2009 - Andrew_Lew
So much about baseball fandom is also about family. This story by Andrew details the one time he got his grandfather to the park, and you'll want a Kleenex handy.

And now for today's topic:

Who is your all-time favorite non-Oriole?

Is there another player that you always wanted to be an Oriole but it never happened? A player that you just loved despite the fact that he never wore the black and orange? Why did you love him? What are your greatest memories of him? Write a FanPost about it!

My answer is kind of cheating because technically he was an Oriole for a few months. But history won't remember him as an Oriole and I almost didn't either. I'm talking, of course, about Jim Thome.

I'm not sure when I first decided that I loved Jim Thome, or even when I realized that he existed. He started playing when I was just 12 years old in a time before internet highlights and blogs. But once I discovered him, I became obsessed with the idea of him becoming an Oriole. He's a future Hall of Famer, so of course part of the reason was because he was just so darn good. But it was also because he was the kind of guy who could come into town to play my team get on base a few times, hit a home run, and I still didn't hate him.

Once the internet became a thing and I got to see more about Thome, the more I liked him. By all accounts he was the nicest man ever, and on top of that the man could hit some dingers. Mash some taters, I think is the way to explain it if it's Jim Thome.

As the Orioles slipped into irrelevance after their playoff seasons of 1996 and 97, I began to dream of Jim Thome swooping in and saving the team. In 2003, after about a million years with the Indians, Thome became a free agent. This was the time! I wanted the Orioles to sign him so badly. As you know, that didn't happen. Thome went instead to the Phillies where he continued to mash taters. After a few seasons he got hurt and wasn't so good for a year, so they traded him to the White Sox.

Noooo! Why couldn't he have been traded to the Orioles! I basically spent all of my twenties wishing for Thome to become an Oriole.

Like I said, picking Jim Thome is cheating, because after 2515 major league games and 609 home runs, he was finally traded to the Orioles to play 28 games in 2012. He wasn't the Jim Jam of old, but I loved having him anyway. As an Oriole he mashed three final taters (two in Cleveland, one in Baltimore) and I was lucky enough to be in attendance for all three. It was kind of like a little reward for all of my years of loving him.

Who is your all-time favorite non-Oriole? Get over to the FanPosts and write about it!