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Tuesday Orioles lineup: O's re-use a lineup for second time all year

It may only be because the O's just had two full days off, but they're re-using a lineup (the one from Saturday) for just the second time so far in the young season.

It's Tuesday and the Orioles haven't played since Saturday. When they finally take the field again, they will look a lot like the last time we saw them, though. For just the second time this season, the O's are using a lineup that has been used before. Today's starting lineup will be the same as it was on Saturday.

Does that mean some kind of regular lineup is solidifying, provided there are no injuries to contend with? It's always possible, though only time will tell about that. One of the reasons for so many different lineups has been that Matt Wieters hasn't caught consecutive games on consecutive days yet this season. So he repeats as catcher today, but only after he had two days off.

The O's have done a good job of scoring runs so far, so in a sense, why mess with what's been working? We haven't seen the best of a number of these players yet, either. Hopefully the likes of Adam Jones, Wieters, and Pedro Alvarez will heat up as others inevitably cool off.

The starting nine who will be up against Marcus Stroman tonight:

1. Joey Rickard - LF
2. Manny Machado - 3B
3. Adam Jones - CF
4. Chris Davis - 1B
5. Mark Trumbo - RF
6. Matt Wieters - C
7. J.J. Hardy - SS
8. Pedro Alvarez - DH
9. Jonathan Schoop - 2B

And that will be the defense behind Mike Wright, who I suspect may need all of the help that he can possibly get.

The Orioles don't have another scheduled off day until May 2, so the next couple of weeks will probably give us a better idea of how manager Buck Showalter plans to rest his regulars to keep them as fresh as possible and deploy his bench players to keep them as sharp as possible.

How are you feeling about their chances tonight? If this becomes the regular lineup, or something resembling it, would you be happy with that, or would you prefer to see some changes made?