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Orioles Game 19 GameThread: @ Rays, 7:10 PM

The Maryland Primary special!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today is/was Maryland's primary! Whether you are Republican, Democrat or something else entirely it doesn't really matter. It is a day full of confusion for all involved. You don't totally understand what's going on and neither do the poor schmoes that get stuck working at one of those polling places.

Which one of these people do I show my voter ID to first? Oh, so we are going back to paper ballots this time? Does my vote REALLY count? Are the delegates divided equally or winner-take-all? It depends? What kind of operation are we running here? What even is a "delegate"? Must I go to my old elementary school to vote? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO MUCH SMALLER THAN I REMEMBER?

Perhaps some of these concerns are mine alone. But really, politics, and that whole process, are pretty boring. Good thing we have baseball to distract us from that mess we call "democracy". The only poll I want to be voting in today is "Most Birdland Player"!!....But seriously voting is important, people. You should get on that. Polls close at 8 p.m.

Anyway, the O's are in Tampa again tonight. Ubaldo is pitching, which makes me oddly excited. Of course, if the Birds get shut out again tonight it doesn't really matter.


Today's Lineups

Joey Rickard - LF Logan Forsythe - 2B
Adam Jones - CF Brad Miller - SS
Manny Machado - 3B Evan Longoria - 3B
Chris Davis - 1B Corey Dickerson - DH
Mark Trumbo - RF Desmond Jennings - LF
J.J. Hardy - SS Logan Morrison - 1B
Pedro Alvarez - DH Steven Souza - RF
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Kevin Kiermaier - CF
Caleb Joseph - C Curt Casali - C
Ubaldo Jimenez - RHP Jake Odorizzi - RHP