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Orioles closer Zach Britton day-to-day with sprained left ankle

Zach Britton was chasing down a bunt in the ninth inning of the Orioles loss to the White Sox when he jammed his ankle. He came out immediately and is now day to day.

The Orioles lost on Saturday night, and even worse, they might have lost their closer for a little while if things go an unlucky direction.

In the ninth inning with the game still tied at 7-7, Zach Britton went to field a swinging bunt off the bat of Adam Eaton. The roller went just past the mound and Britton tried to glove and flip to first base in time to retire Eaton. He came up limping after the play and left the game without trying to throw any pitches to test his strength.

As things worked out, Eaton proved to be the winning run for the White Sox in an 8-7 Orioles loss, with Vance Worley replacing Britton and allowing the inherited runner to score, although he struck out Carlos Sanchez and the umpire didn't call it, but that's another story.

After the game, O's manager Buck Showalter described the injury as a left ankle problem, with Britton having "jammed it more than rolled it." He added that currently Britton is "the proverbial day-to-day."

It could have been worse. At least it's not something where they shipped him immediately from the stadium to an operating table. But sometimes injuries are worse than they initially seem. Hopefully he can get some ice on it and everything will be OK in a couple of days time.

The play where Britton hurt himself: