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Camden Highball Podcast: Opening Day 2016

Get primed for baseball season with Camden Depot's podcast.

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The writers at Camden Depot are excited to offer you a brand new episode of the Camden Highball, our often in hiatus podcast. This episode considers what has transpired over the past several months and what it means for the club today and in the future. Jon Shepherd and Camden Chat’s own, Ryan Pollack discuss the infield defense. Topics ranged from J.J. Hardy’s non-throwing shoulder to what happens to the fielding exploits of a bigger boned Jonathan Schoop when the league more fully embraces defensive shifts.

In the second act, Joe Reisel and Patrick Dougherty handle off season moves, non-moves, and what exactly has happened in the corner outfield. This section is slightly dated due to all sorts of heck breaking loose over Hyun Soo Kim. Finally, Nate Delong and Ryan Romano tackle the club’s pitching.

Our podcast is found here.

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The stories presented as part of the 2016 Camden Chat Opening Day Marathon are written by members of our community. To add your voice to the site please consider writing a FanPost.