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Orioles pies may be dead but cakes are still alive

Don't believe the rumors that the pie is dead. On Opening Day, Adam Jones made sure the pie is still alive.

The pies are gone, but cakes are still fair game.

Though their demise was much lamented over the offseason, including by the longtime pie ringleader Adam Jones, the spirit of the pie, and the irrepressible Jones, could no be so easily contained. After a Matt Wieters walkoff hit to give the O's a win over the Twins on Opening Day, Jones emerged from the dugout like a pro wrestler coming out of the locker room with a steel chair.

The difference was that instead of assaulting Wieters with steel, he assaulted him with deliciousness. What at first seemed like it must have been a pie, because it came in the typical pie tin, was in fact a cake, O's manager Buck Showalter told reporters as he joked that he's lost control of the team.

Credit to WJZ's Mark Viviano for knowing it ahead of time, as he reported early in the afternoon that the O's had received the traditional shipment from Dangerously Delicious Pies even despite the ban.

Was it glorious? You tell me: