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Getting to the bottom of the Adam Jones cake/pie mystery from Orioles Opening Day

It's a pie! No, it's a cake! No, it's a pie after all! The Orioles Opening Day post-game dessert mystery has been definitively solved, but what comes next?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The story of the Orioles Opening Day post-game cake/pie continues to evolve. It's a good mystery to have to solve because it means the O's won a game in dramatic, crowd-pleasing fashion.

If you were watching the post-game interview after yesterday's game, you saw Adam Jones emerge from the dugout with what appeared to be the traditional post-game pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies, which he delivered mid-interview to the face of Matt Wieters, who'd hit the walk-off single.

Pies, of course, had supposedly been banned, per a tweet from Jones himself back in February. Then again, within an hour of making that announcement, Jones promised "someone's taking a succulent pie to the kisser." Perhaps he signaled this delicious defiance months ago.

In manager Buck Showalter's post-game interview, he said that he thought it was cake and not pie. He did not seem too put out about the whole thing, if it turned out that Jones had escaped through a loophole by delivering a cake instead.

Tuesday morning, 101.9 FM in Baltimore talked to Dangerously Delicious Pies employee Mary, who confirmed that what Jones used to hit Wieters was in fact an Orioles Orange Cream Pie.

The reason why the pie (pictured above) appeared thicker than the pies that have been smashed into player's faces in the past, according to Mary, is that due to the publicity of the pie ban, the company did not expect any pie to be thrown in anyone's face. She said they made four pies and sent them over to the O's to wish them a happy season.

In the past, they have made special "face-smashing" pies, Mary told the station, which are lighter and contain more whipped cream. On Monday night, Wieters received a retail variety pie, just like anyone could buy from one of their stores.

Following the game, Jones told reporters that he would "plead the fifth" about the whole thing. He offered the same response about whether or not post-game pies would continue after all. On Twitter, Jones seemed unconcerned about consequences:

For his part, Wieters was not sure whether or not the Opening Day pie delivery was a one-off performance or whether it would constitute the beginning of an ongoing rebellion.

So we now know that it wasn't a loophole and that it was a pie, not a cake, after all. It would be extremely out of character for Showalter to come down hard on something that keeps the team loose and keeps things fun. Time will tell if the pies keep coming or if they will fade away quietly after this one last glorious act.

If the Orioles are winning enough games that we have to worry about whether or not there are post-game pies to the face, that's a good problem for O's fans to have.