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In a surprising twist, Orioles use the same lineup two games in a row

The Orioles hardly used the same lineup twice all of last season, but they're starting off the 2016 season with the same lineup for two games in a row.

Last season, thanks to the peculiar situation of the one remaining game of the Chris Davis suspension, the Orioles didn't have the same team for the first two games, let alone the same lineup.

It's not going to be the same story in 2016, as the O's are making use of the same lineup for the second game of the year as they did on Opening Day.

Stability is not a bad thing if it means that you have players who are staying healthy and playing well. Of course, it's far too early to proclaim that everyone will stay healthy and that everyone will play well. Eventually, there will be off days to keep players fresh and to make sure the bench players get a chance to stay as sharp as they can.

For now, it means they're keeping things the same. The lineup looks once again like so:

1. Manny Machado - 3B
2. Adam Jones - CF
3. Chris Davis - 1B
4. Mark Trumbo - RF
5. Matt Wieters - C
6. Pedro Alvarez - DH
7. J.J. Hardy - SS
8. Jonathan Schoop - 2B
9. Joey Rickard - LF

It's interesting to have the lineup the same for the first two games of the season because the O's used 145 different lineups last year, and the most common lineup was used for only three games. There were four different lineups used for three games apiece. Two of those included Jimmy Paredes and Travis Snider. The other two included Steve Clevenger and Henry Urrutia. No wonder last year didn't work out very well.

The division-winning team of 2014 was more stable, using 120 different lineups across the whole season, including one lineup for five different games, and three different lineups for four games apiece. That's an effect of success rather than a cause, but still, it's something.

Looking ahead to Thursday, do you think that manager Buck Showalter will keep this lineup for a third day in a row? Thursday's Twins starter is Phil Hughes, a right-handed pitcher just like the first two Twins starting pitchers.