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FanPost Friday: Most memorable Orioles game

You have probably been to a lot of Orioles games. Which one was best?

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Welcome back to FanPost Friday! We missed a week last week as I was called away from Maryland for a few days unexpectedly. When last we met, it was before the season started and I asked you to create your best five-man rotation for the Orioles. We now know that the rotation Buck Showalter decided to go with is Chris Tillman, Yovani Gallardo, Ubaldo Jimenez, Mike Wright, and TBD. We had three responses to that FanPost Friday, if you want to go re-live the magic. They were:

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We have a new topic today, brought to you by a member of our community who goes by the very descriptive name of Fart_Shoes. Thanks for the idea, Mr. _Shoes!

What is your favorite or most memorable Orioles game you've ever attended?

If you have never attended an Orioles game but still want to participate, feel free to get creative regarding a game you watched on TV, heard on the radio, etc.

I want to hear not only what the game was but the circumstances that made it so memorable and great. It doesn't have to be something that happened on the field, although I'd imagine that most likely it will. I'll kick things off.


In the year 2010, the Orioles were terrible. They had been terrible for some time, and going to see them play wasn't always fun. It was in this year that the Baltimore Orioles reached out to Camden Chat and a handful of other blogs and provided us access to the press box a few times per year. On the night of August 18th I had been into the press box twice, but it was still sort of magical to me. As of yet no one had said a word to me other than a hello from the usher, but I was ok with that. What would I say to these professionals anyway?

As I sat down in the designated blogger seat (safely set apart from the important people), I noticed there was someone sitting in the chair next to mine who hadn't been there before. And unlike every other person in the press box to date, this person said hello to me.

I introduced myself and learned that this fella was Paul Folkemer, the game reporter for Orioles Hangout. I'd never met him, but knew his name immediately as my go-to game recap to read when I'd missed a game before Camden Chat started writing nightly recaps as well. Heck, even then I'd still check Paul's stories out because they were the best around.

I told Paul that I read his recaps and he said, "So you're the one." We chatted about the game in front of us, the Orioles were playing the Mariners with Jeremy Guthrie making the start. They lost. We briefly bonded over how much we hate bunting. When it was over and Paul headed down to the clubhouse where us smalltime bloggers were not permitted, he said good-bye and maybe he'll see me again at another game. He did, and almost three years later we got married.

Best game ever.

What is your favorite or most memorable game? Head on over to the FanPosts and let me know!