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Fans choose their most memorable Orioles games

When asked to provide an account of their most memorable Orioles game, Camden Chat readers came through in a big way. Check out their stories here.

For this week's FanPost Friday, I asked you all to tell me about your most memorable Orioles game. You guys came through in a way that I didn't expect. Not only did we get 18 responses (so far), but the stories have ranged from thoughtful to exciting to funny.  Thank you all for being such outstanding writers! Here are the stories that we have received so far. I encourage you to read them all and add your own in our FanPosts section.

Tippy picks off three - BullCityCock&Bull
Even if you're not old enough to remember this game, chances are someone in your family has told the tale. BullCityCock&Bull was lucky enough to be there.

Hope in the dark years: Growing up with the O's - tjk
After spending most of his life in Yankees territory, tjk moved to DC in 2009 for grad school and was finally in easy driving distance of Camden Yards again. He first experienced that magic of being able to hop in a car and drive to the game in May, seeing Matt Wieters's first hit and an Orioles win.

A regular game during the 2012 season - Jaybugkit
Jaybugkit is a rare breed. Raised in New York, he became an Orioles fan in 2009 after a trip to Camden Yards. His special game features Mark Reynolds doing what he did best in 2012: destroying the Yankees.

Cal Ripken Night - September 6, 2012 - Wes Mantooth
If you were at Cal Ripken statue night against the Yankees in 2012, you know how Wes Mantooth was feeling. It was magic.

The Orioles as long-distance girlfriend - O's-less in Seattle
When you live in Seattle, all of the time you get to spend with the Orioles is memorable.

Miracle Ticket to Unforgettable Game - 33
A 15-year-old sitting in Wild Bill Hagy's section, cheering the Orioles on to a win during game two of the 1983 ALCS. Does it get any better than that?

2014. ALDS. Game 2. - OEutaw
Where were you when Delmon Young hit the double heard round Charm City?

July 23, 1998: Seats of a Lifetime, and Lenny - Five-by-Five
After years in the nosebleeds, 10-year-old Five-by-Five got to sit in the second row for a game against the A's. He not only got to sit close, he saw an exciting walk-off win.

Most Memorable Game: 2012 ALDS, Game 1 - 2632
2632 shares a wonderful story about her father and the magic of the playoffs.

My fondest oriole memory - Charles Flinn III
In 1964, Charlie Flinn III went to his first ever baseball game. It was a good one featuring a come from behind win and future Hall of Famers on both sides of the ball.

Reimold Walks It Off; Get Out of Jail Free Cards For All - Astronaut Mike Dexter
AMD got to have a few beverages, see a walk-off home run, and do a good deed all in the same day.

Most Memorable Orioles Game: 4/26/2009 - Andrew_Lew
So much about baseball fandom is also about family. This story by Andrew details the one time he got his grandfather to the park, and you'll want a Kleenex handy.

2014 ALDS, Game 2: The Game That Rocked My World - mbernadette
The second game of the 2014 ALDS between the Tigers and Orioles was one of the best games we've seen. mbernadette was there for it all.

August 18, 2015: She said yes! - mgrisbach
What is greater than two Orioles fans falling in love? Nothing, I tell you.

My 14th Birthday - Fart_Shoes
With a birthday in October, Fart_Shoes has spent lots of birthdays watching postseason baseball. The year he turned 14, he got to go to a playoff game that ended in heartbreak.

Game 1 of the 2012 ALDS - Russellgood2573
Russellgood2573 was too young to remember the 1997 playoffs, so 2012 was his first chance.

Most Memorable Game: May 29, 2013 - BaltimoreDaveS
This game against the Washington Nationals featured more dingers than you can shake a stick at.

Cal gets a statue, The Orioles get first place, and I got a lot of high fives - Os_Birdland
Another account of Cal Ripken statue night. It was Orioles magic all right.

To share your own most memorable game, or to write about any other Orioles topic if your choosing, please visit our FanPosts section.