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FanPost Friday: What's your favorite Little League memory?

I'm guessing many of you played softball or baseball as kids. Tell me about your moment of glory! Or failure, if it's funny enough.

Happy FanPost Friday, everyone! Last week we had a very good topic suggested by Camden Chatter Astronaut Mike Dexter. We asked you to share your experiences and expertise in regards to non-Camden Yards baseball parks. We got a great response as 17 of you wrote something! Here are five that I liked, and you can check out the rest over in the FanPosts section. If you didn't read them all last week I highly suggest checking them out. Lost of good stuff over there.

  • Safeco Field by O's-less in Seattle. Lot of good stuff in here for when you plan your trip to see the Orioles in Seattle.
  • The Metrodome in 1991 by benhem612. You can no longer visit the Metrodome, but this is a great story of an Orioles fan who grew up in MInneapolis and made the Metrodome his home.
  • Shea Stadium by tflach2. Go back in time with tflach and re-live his trip to Shea Stadium back in 2001. It's just like being there with him!
  • Angels Stadium by HowBoutDemO'sHon?. He saw the Orioles win, he bonded with Chris Tillman, and he made it into the hlghlights. Not a bad day!
  • Comerica Park by O'kie. Another great guide to one of the parks on my short list to visit.
For today's topic I want to hear about one of your favorite little league memories. Were you the star of your little league team? Or were you the person they stuck in right field where you could pick the dandelions in peace? Either way I'm guessing that you have a good memory from those days to share with us. Maybe you were the hero. Maybe you were the goat.

Also appropriate for the topic, if you don't have your own glory to relive, is a memory from one of your kid's softball or baseball games. Tell us all about it!

What are you waiting for? Get over to the FanPosts section and start writing!