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Orioles Game 40 Game Thread: at Angels, 10:05

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball starting at 10:05pm Eastern just isn't civilized. That's what we must endure for the next couple of nights at least. I suppose if you're an O's fan residing in a different time zone, this probably is just fine with you, so in that case, enjoy it. The rest of us will be suffering.

And speaking of suffering, tonight's Orioles starter is Mike Wright. Do you think Wright will be able to hold his own against a lineup that includes Mike Trout? Admittedly, it's basically Trout and some nobodies, but you never know.

They always talk about the marine layer suppressing fly balls out there. I don't know if that's for real or not but they always talk about it and I'm sure we'll hear about it some tonight, especially if the Orioles fail to hit many, or any, home runs.

There may be a weird lineup or something - I have had to leave the house before a lineup was posted, but as you are a resourceful people I trust you will be able to find it and discuss it without my posting it here.