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Orioles power rankings roundup for week 4: Faith is starting to falter

We know computers hate the Orioles, and national broadcasters hate the Orioles, but do the folks who make power polls/rankings hate the Orioles? Pack your parachutes, fans, the Orioles are dropping fast.

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It's OK, gang, you'll be right back up in those polls next week, right?
It's OK, gang, you'll be right back up in those polls next week, right?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports Power Poll (7th; LW: 4th)
In two early starts, Kevin Gausman has allowed three runs in 11 innings and has given the Orioles a needed starting rotation boost. He also seems more comfortable throwing his curveball, giving him a third offering to go with a solid fastball and changeup. -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot The 30 (7th; LW: 7th)
Jonah Keri keeps the Orioles right at 7th. Well, we did split with the AL's best team, so I guess I can see it.

USA Today Power Rankings (6th; LW: 6th)
A static week for the Orioles in The Nation's Newspaper as well. "Earl Weaver would be proud: An AL-best 34 homers, and no sacrifice bunts."

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (10th; LW: 9th)
Slideshow Central is still bullish, but with reservations. "After losing a series to the Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles did well to split a four-game series with the Chicago White Sox, and that's enough for them to hold onto a spot inside the top 10 for at least one more week."

CBS Sports (9th; LW: 7th)
"So they're 4-8 since their 7-0 start. As noted, they'll be streaky. Next week at this time, we could be talking about a hot streak and I wouldn't be even remotely surprised. Of course, if they keep losing two games for every win, they'll start to drop back down to where they started." NOTE: These rankings will lag by almost a week due to their publication date.

Reddit's Power Poll (9th; LW: 8th)
"The O's have fizzled a bit after their hot start, losing six of their past ten. But injuries to Zach Britton and J.J. Hardy over the weekend could wind up being the biggest losses of the week, depending what test results say. Also, this Hyun-Soo Kim guy ain't too shabby. He now has two fewer hits than Pedro Alvarez in 36 fewer at bats." (12th; LW: 6th)
It's a different methodology for this poll. Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall, early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year. The Orioles drop half a dozen slots in this week's poll.

The Baltimore Sun's MLB Power Rankings (9th; LW: 6th)
It's a bad slideshow, and it's behind a paywall, but hey, it's the hometown paper. The O's drop three slots in this week's poll. "A losing week makes for a slide down the rankings for the Orioles, whose prospects are dinged much more by the prospect of a stretch without closer Zach Britton (ankle) and shortstop J.J. Hardy (foot). Losing them would lower the expectations for this team more than a series split with the hot White Sox ever could."

Any egregious slights or wild overestimation of this team? Any polls you'd like to see included? Add your thought down below and hit me up on Twitter @Bill_Duck21804 where you will find way, way too much discussion of politics and MMA for any baseball fan's liking.