Orioles Game Experience

Normally when I go an Orioles game it is with me and my father a normal father son thing for us. My mom and sister are always busy doing something so it's always nice for the two of us to catch an O's game here and there. I will always wear my Saturday Orange Manny Machado jersey along with my flat brim Cartoon O's hat. My dad wears something Oriole related. On the day of the game we will leave our house 3 and half hours early (so 3:30 for a 7:00 pm game, 12:30 for a 4:00 pm game you get by now).

Once we get into Baltimore there's more than plenty parking sports in Lot A between Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium and that's our favorite parking area to go to an O's game. Once we get inside we will grab something to eat (Boog's is the first option but if the line is long then we'll get something else). After that we'll go on to the flag court or the right center field bleachers to watch batting practice. Over in that area of the field is where the Orioles pitchers are catching fly balls. Darren O'Day has been the best at catching (that shouldn't be a shocker) BP fly balls and we've had fun talking to Tommy Hunter the most.

A quick funny story about talking with Hunter it was late August 2014 and the Twins were in town for a 4 game series. I'm out trying to catch a homer. Nick Markakis was batting and he noodled one right in my direction. I'm under it but the ball starts to drift away from me slightly and at the last moment I jump up and miss it as the ball lands two rows behind me and a guy out of no where dives from 5 rows back and got the ball. I look at my glove and I''m like "dang", Hunter than responds "Man don't blame your glove, you a good chance at it, but you gotta work on your vertical man". We all laughed at it and I got on his case for hilariously missing Manny Machado's homer against the Cardinals where he jumped weirdly and ball went over his head. He didn't like it but got a good laugh out of it.

So coming back to my O's game experience after BP me and my father will go to our seats and sit back and talk for a while before the game starts. Once the game starts we watch closely and hope that Orioles win. The Oriole's for the most part win when we show up. By the time the 9th inning starts we move to the flag court to beat out the traffic once the game ends (unless it's the postseason and we stay in our seats until the end of the game). Once the game ends we head on Eutaw street towards Lot A and win or lose we listen to the radio highlights since I'm a big Joe Angel fan and my dad is a huge Manfra (he also likes Hunter on the Radio) fan and it's always fun listening to their calls of the game.

The very last part of our game experience is when we get home the first thing we do is read the Camden Chat recap of the day's game and brings it all full circle for both of us.

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