FanPost Friday: GameDay

Orioles games. They're the stuff that Greek poets wrote about...I mean, when they're not getting blown out.

Ever since I got married, GameDay at Orioles Park has been with my wife. She's almost as big an Orioles fan as I am, she just doesn't do the whole "blog" thing. Typically, we'll leave from Hagerstown and park at one of the light rail stations, usually North Linthicum or Cromwell. I'm a big fan of the light rail, ever since I lived in Glen Burnie and used to take the light rail in 2-3 times a week for Orioles games. We try to get to the ballpark at least 30 minutes before first pitch, so that we've got time to get settled in and roam.

My wife's not a big drinker, so we really don't pregame. But we will always stop and get something from the vendors, usually peanuts, before heading into the stadium. We're definitely going to get crab dip waffle fries, those are divine. Usually, we plan on eating at the ballpark, so we come prepared money wise. If the weather is right, I can usually convince her to get a frozen margarita from one of the bars, and I'll get a beer or two.

We don't have season tickets, but I definitely prefer sitting in left field, in the odd 80s. Just a habit we've gotten into over the years we've been together. We always stay until the final out, and then head out to the light rail to get home. It usually takes us about an hour and a half to get home from Baltimore, but it's always worth the trip in.

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