Gamecock24's Orioles Game Experience

I live in Federal Hill, so typically our pre-game routine would be that my dad would come park by my house and we would pick somewhere to eat around the neighborhood. After we'd eat, we would start walking over to the stadium, but first we would make a pit stop at the 711 on the corner of Hanover and Hamburg to buy sunflower seeds and drinks to take in the stadium. Once we get to the upper deck, we usually grab a couple beers before heading down to our seats. Generally, we just hang out in our seats most of the game, occasionally getting up to grab another round of beers.

Starting in 2013, my dad and I have split season tickets in Section 334, Row 1 (right in front of Stacey and Paul). We've sat next to the same people the entire time we've had our seats, so we have a pretty friendly rapport with them. It's actually a former couple that still share their season tickets even though they're not dating anymore. Usually one or both of them is pretty drunk at the game, so it provides another source of entertainment.

After the game we generally just walk back to my house. Back a few years ago when I was still a man about town, if it was a weekend game I would head right to a bar in Federal Hill and meet up with friends. However, being a few years older now, generally I just get back to the house and call it a night.

I wrote a good portion of this in past tense because my game day routine has changed a lot this year. Back in February we found out that my dad has brain cancer, so he has been undergoing treatment for that (his first day was actually on Opening Day). He's only been able to make it to one game so far this year, and he had to get dropped off at the stadium instead of walking over, but once we were inside the stadium it felt like it always has in the past. He even insisted on buying me a beer to make up for the fact that he can't drink. He only has another week or two left of treatments left, and they're hopeful that he'll be able to make a full recovery, so hopefully by the time the summer rolls around we will be able to pick up with our old routine again.

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